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Toll Solutions LLC specializes in toll and custom dispersion, emulsion and blending services for a wide range of chemical and industrial companies.

Customers choose Toll Solutions because of its superior combination of capabilities, knowledgeable people, desire to work well with customers to meet their needs, and good value. We strive to become your preferred provider, specifically in producing chemical products, blends, mixes, dispersions, compounds, emulsions and solutions that for various economic or business reasons you do not want to, or cannot, make in-house.

To learn more about how Toll Solutions can meet your specific needs, please use our online contact form or call us at 864-433-9200.

Graphic headline: Markets

Markets Served Include A Wide Variety Of Industrial, Commercial And Consumer Applications

Toll Solutions serves an expanding range of markets and welcomes your inquiries concerning toll and outsourcing needs or questions. Markets served include:

Paper and Pulp marketPulp and paper chemicals
- Defoamers
- Tissue Softeners

Textile chemicals
- Optical brighteners
- Thread lubricants
- Fabric coatings
- Softeners

automotive upholsteryAutomotive suppliers
- Fabric coatings
- Custom formulations
- Specialty chemicals for manufacturing of automotive components

Agricultural chemicals
- FIFRA registration
- Formulation
- Chemical manufacture

Plastic additives
- Coatings for strength

Construction chemicals
- Coatings for water repellency

- Coatings for electronics and exterior finishes

Consumer products
- Additives, surfactants and finishes

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